featured Maxonfamily

3 Months Old! | Arizona Child Photography

We met at the Riparian Reserve in Gilbert, AZ to photograph the Maxon Family and Baby Piper, who is now 3 months old! Time if flying by for these two proud parents. My favorite shot was the black and white of ...
October 31, 2011
featured adams

Two Parents + Two Kids | Arizona Family Photographer

This family was my first experience with TWINS! Seriously, so much fun! The twins (boy and girl) were really fun to interact with, they had eachother, so they weren’t too nervous in front of my camera. The ...
October 21, 2011
featured sebastian

Baby Sebastian | Tempe Newborn Photographer

Okay, now isn’t he the cutest little man? I enjoyed photographing this little guy with his mom at her family’s home. We did some photographs inside, some outside, and some with big sister and mom. He ...
October 07, 2011