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September 03, 2011
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YAY! My brother just recently got married! As a gift to them, I showed up to their California wedding to photograph the bridals, ceremony, reception. Alyssa had the most stunning dress, it was so unique and eclectic. The dress was a mix of every style you could think of, but all the pieces came together beautifully. Her hair was wavy and natural and she surprised everyone with bright magenta stilettos under the dress! There is a 1 foot difference in their heights and as they were allowed to ‘kiss’ at the end of the ceremony she stood on a small stool to kiss the groom, it was so adorable. Everyone cheered and laughed. I stole them away to do private bridals after the ceremony, and the light was amazing..I was so glad to get the shots I was envisioning. Later that night, her family hosted a magical outdoor reception under a GIANT tree, good times, great memories.